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2022 Star Sirius Lifted


J’s Price: WAS $18,900 NOW 14,500
Model Year: 2022
Cart Condition: New
Street Legal: No
Body/Top Color: Light Argent
Seats: Premium Deluxe two-tone Black
Seating Capacity: 6 passenger
Gas or Electric: Electric
Warranty: 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Off-Road Package: Lift Kit with deluxe wheels
Battery Type: Lithium
Storage: Rear and Front Storage w built-in cooler
Street Legal Package: Digital speedometer with Backup Camera, Seatbelts, windshield wiper, Back-Up Horn, Required Noise Emitter, Headlights, Tail Lights, Brake Lights, Turn Sign, and Horn

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Discover the All-New 2022 Star Sirius Lifted Golf Carts – Elevate Your Golfing Experience in Style!

Are you searching for a golf cart that combines style, performance, and versatility? Look no further than the all-new 2022 Star Sirius Lifted Golf Carts. Designed to turn heads on the course, this lifted golf cart offers a unique blend of functionality and elegance. Explore the features and benefits of the 2022 Star Sirius Lifted Golf Cart and take your golfing experience to new heights!

1. Striking Design and Lifted Suspension:

The 2022 Star Sirius Lifted Golf Cart boasts a striking and modern design that is sure to impress. With its lifted suspension, this cart provides enhanced ground clearance, allowing you to conquer challenging terrains with ease. Stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching golf cart that combines style and functionality.

2. Powerful Performance and Smooth Ride:

Equipped with a robust electric motor, the 2022 Star Sirius Lifted Golf Cart delivers impressive performance on the course. Whether you’re navigating hilly landscapes or cruising along flat fairways, this golf cart offers a smooth and enjoyable ride. Experience enhanced acceleration, excellent maneuverability, and responsive handling that will elevate your golfing experience.

3. Luxurious Comfort and Customization Options:

Step into luxury with the 2022 Star Sirius Lifted Golf Cart. Featuring plush seating, premium upholstery, and ample legroom, this cart ensures a comfortable ride for you and your fellow golfers. Additionally, you can personalize your golf cart with a range of customization options, including different color choices, stylish wheel designs, and additional accessories to make it uniquely yours.

4. Advanced Technology and Convenience:

The 2022 Star Sirius Lifted Golf Cart is equipped with advanced technology that enhances convenience and functionality. Enjoy features such as a touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and integrated speakers for an immersive entertainment experience on the go. Stay connected, listen to your favorite tunes, and make the most of your time on the course.

5. Safety and Peace of Mind:

Safety is a top priority, and the 2022 Star Sirius Lifted Golf Cart offers various features to ensure a secure ride. With a durable chassis, reliable braking system, and optional safety accessories like headlights, taillights, and turn signals, this golf cart keeps you and others safe while enjoying your golfing adventures.


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